How Disrupted Organizations
Address Culture and Capability

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Discover people-focused solutions to overcome the challenges of company reorganization

Achieving digital transformation takes more than new equipment and software

  • For years, corporate leaders have chased the must-have technology they think will future-proof their company — and, by extension, their jobs — but company reorganizations are still failing at a rate of 84 percent.
  • Companies have been prioritizing tech over people; under-preparing and overwhelming employees during transformation; and disproportionately affecting women who experience company reorganizations in negative ways.

AVADO’s survey results reflect a workforce in need

Analyzing data from our survey of more than 2,200 employees — including 350 C-suite and 350 HR managers — this White Paper analyzes global workplace challenges.


Key Findings


Proper training often takes a back seat to tech spending

One in 4 HR leaders prioritized training programs, but 1 in 2 prioritized tech. With tech spending expected to reach $4 trillion in 2019, that's a hefty price to pay for an 84% transformation failure rate.


Think you're overwhelmed? Try enduring a poorly executed reorg

And it’s hardly a shared hardship: Nearly one-third of surveyed employees felt overwhelmed by a reorganization — far more than their C-suite counterparts.


Reorganization burdens women more than men

The Male employees were more likely to be promoted during a company transformation than comparable women, who reportedly took on additional responsibilities without promotion.

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